Friday Five-2014 Races

This week instead of a WIAW, I decided to do a Friday Five Link Up from on upcoming races.

1. New Orleans Triathlon
Typically this race is at the end of May, but it was moved to the end of March so racers could preview the Half Ironman New Orleans course. It will be my second Olympic distance race, after this fall’s Big Cajun. My only time goal is to beat my Big Cajun time of 3:20. Gear-wise, I have to get a wetsuit. It will be chilly for sure.

The open water...when it's not chilly.

The open water…when it’s not chilly.

2. Gulf Coast Interstate Relay
Doing a relay race has been on my bucket list for over a year now, after reading lots of bloggers who have done them. This one goes from New Orleans to Pensacola and I’m captaining our team which has been it’s own adventure (we are currently four runners shy if you have ever dreamed of being trapped in a van with sweaty strangers). It’s the weekend after New Orleans Triathlon, so I’m going to try and do more running than I did last fall to be ready. It should be 48 hours of sweaty running goodness.

3. Half Ironman New Orleans
Don’t get crazy on me. I’m not doing the whole thing (yet). I’m the swimmer for a relay. My thoughts were

a) that since it was the weekend after Gulf Coast (yes, three racing weekends in a row), my legs will not be ready to run,

b) I should have plenty of swim fitness built up from training for New Orleans Triathlon,

c) it will be good for me to focus on swimming because I’m a stronger runner, and

d) another chance to use the wetsuit. I’m pretty excited for dipping my toe into the 70.3 distance.

These are the only three races I’m currently signed up for, but I have two I’m planning on signing up for :

4. Louisiana Triathlon
I really liked racing in New Roads and my swimming buddy Brian is looking to potentially do this one as a relay with him as the swimmer. I’m flexible on what my leg is, depending on who else wants to race it.

the False River, which is actually a lake

the False River, which is actually a lake

5. River Cities Triathlon
This one is all about the swag. Triathlete magazine rated it as one of the best swag bag’s in the country. Plus, since it is a sprint distance it’s a good summer race so I won’t be training long hours in the heat. It’s about 6 hours from New Orleans and I’ve only been to Shreveport once. However, as far as I could tell on that fateful road trip, you only ever need to go to Shreveport once, so I haven’t been back since. Maybe a fantastic race can redeem this North Louisiana city?


So there you have it. I am still plotting my “A” fall race but that should be coming soon…

Do you have any races planned for 2014?

Do you pick an “A” race?

How far in advance do you plan races?

Are you traveling to any races this year? 


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  1. Hi there, i’m visiting from the Friday link up! Those look like some great ( and intense) races you have planned! Currently I am traveling for all the races I have signed up for. I usually don’t plan that far in advance but I already signed up for a race in November 2014 and I registered back in December ( that is SO unlike me)!

  2. Sounds like a fun schedule, besides all the swimming (terrified of open water here). Relay is tempting. I’m close (in Mississippi). Wish it was a week later because I’m doing a 12 hr run the weekend before. Not sure my legs would be ready……

    • Oh, my “A” race is NOLA next week. I plan races years in advance. And I’m traveling all over for races this year. New states will be New Mexico, California, and Maine!

      • It’s a great race! Enjoy the city. I can’t get myself excited about dragging all this tri gear across state lines yet so I’m trying to stick close to home.

    • Wow. 12 hour run?! What’s that for?

      • It’s just to be crazy I guess. I’ve been looking for an ultra but none of them ever seem to fit my schedule and I don’t like trails which makes them even harder to find. This one is new and it’s right here in Jackson, MS, and it’s all road (no trail, Yay!!). I hope to get at least 50 miles in the 12 hrs.

  3. That’s awesome! Can’t wait to read about it.

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