Nyx Myx 2014

The title of this blog may be Sweating For It, but the tag line is “getting sweaty in New Orleans” and I sometimes wonder if readers mind me writing about living in New Orleans when it doesn’t pertain to fitness.

I hope not.

Especially since I’m in the middle of a string of New Orleans related posts.

To me, they are so connected. So much of my fitness is related to my enjoyment of New Orleans. And I hope that all my readers (both of you) enjoy a glimpse into my city. Maybe you frequently or rarely visit. Maybe you live here or you’ve only dreamed of living here (that was me as a kid). Maybe you think New Orleans is too damn hot, thank you very much, and you prefer where you live. Any way that it is, I love reading in other people’s blogs about what makes other their home special and one of the most special things about New Orleans is Mardi Gras.


Mystic Krewe of Nyx program

Last year I applied to and was invited to join a new all women’s krewe, The Mystic Krewe of Nyx. Krewes are the clubs that host Mardi Gras parades. So essentially, members pay dues to join the club and buy throws and put on a free parade for anyone who shows up. Aside from the typical plastic beads, stuffed animals, and cups, we decorate and throw purses. Nyx will be holding its third parade so as krewes go, it’s really new.


pre ball: Mo looked so nice in his Mardi Gras tuxedo

Krewes also host events throughout the year for members: meetings, charity fundraisers, social events and balls. This past Saturday was Nyx’s coronation ball, where this year’s goddess would be formally introduced. Mo and I got to go with a lot of friends. This was a lovely event. I’ve been to a few other Mardi Gras balls over the year and thought this one was big enough to be exciting (open bar, live band), but small enough to include a lot of thoughtful touches to make the night special (professional photographers, commemorative necklace, custom centerpieces). Where else but New Orleans would a high school marching band march straight through a formal ball?


Who says fun and fitness don’t mix? A couple of Steel MagNOLAs and a trio of Gulf Coast Interstate Relay Runners

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  1. You all look so lovely!

  2. Love your posts about New Orleans!

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