New Orleans Triathlon Training Week 1

I detailed most of this week’s workouts in my Friday post but the weekend is just an opportunity to pile on the miles right?!

Saturday morning was a 45 minute run and then a 1600 meter swim. When did I start to prefer the outdoor pool to the indoor pool? Last summer I hated swimming outside, but it was lovely and sunny and after a week of nasty weather I couldn’t stand to swim in the dimly lit indoor pool, even if it was a little chilly outside.


post run pre swim

Saturday night we bummed around the house watching the Olympics. I’ll watch whatever sport is on, since I don’t follow Winter Olympics sports on a regular basis like I follow more of summer Olympic sports. Go Jamaican Bobsled!


how the cool kids watch the Olympics

Sunday morning was long. I started with a 90 minute Trainer Road ride. I should have stuck with the intervals Time Crunched Triathlete had set out because the ride I picked out from the Trainer Road library was more challenging than I could handle. I set out for a quick 15 minute run and it turned out to be too warm for even gloves.

After the brick I went to the gym to lift. This stage of New Rules of Lifting calls for 15 minutes of intervals at the end of some of the workouts, but I’ve opted to skip them since I already so much cardio including interval work. How much cardio is too much? Even though I skipped the intervals, the workout still took me almost an hour! Hopefully I’ll get a little quicker at it in a few weeks. Otherwise it’s going to take more than a latte to get me from Sunday tri training to lifting.


maybe this post should have been feet themed?

A Little Bit of Lagniappe:

It was warm enough today to break out a new dress! I’m over our New Orleans winter and am ready for the heat. If you live in a snowy area, you may hate me for this, but you can get me back in July when I’m suffering through 95* heat with 90% humidity.


don’t let the polar bear fool you. it’s just warm enough out for this dress.

I loved this old post John from the Family Sport Life blog tweeted this week on Training Effect on a Garmin 910XT! I have always paid attention to that number but not known how to use it to inform my training. I’m going to be paying a lot more attention to how planning rest in relation to Training Effect.

How cold is it where you are? Do you prefer the heat to cold, or vice versa? 

Do you train with a Garmin 910XT or another kind of watch that tracks Training Effect? Do you use it to plan training/rest? 

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  1. I can’t believe you get to swim in an outdoor pool in the winter. I just can’t wrap my head around that!!! It’s been cold here, between -20C (-4F) and -30C (-22F) with wind chills often as low as -35C (-31F). I’m ready for something a bit warmer!

    • Your snow pictures are absolutely terrifying to me. Despite the fact that I’m logging a fair amount of outdoor pool time, you’d still kick my butt in the water!

      • The snow melts – it should be well on it’s way in about a month. My biggest beef is that it makes outdoor running a PITA. It’s like running in sand. Despite the extra run training I’m doing, you’d still kick my butt on a run!

  2. We usually only get one big snow/ice storm a year if that. This year we are now having our second pummeling of snow in three weeks. Time to move to Florida as I am now over this snowy weather. I am not even going to try to run in it this time, over that. Glad you are having such awesome weather and you are getting your workouts done. Tri season will be here before we know it.

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