Endymion Run plus a parade!

And the Mardi Gras love continues! The Saturday before Mardi Gras is the parade for the Krewe of Endymion. Mo rode in this parade in 2006 and we host a party for the parade since it rolls near our house. Before the party got started though, we did the Endymion Run.

A group of runners meets informally every year near the start of the Endymion route in City Park and runs the seven mile route. We met them at the beginning and ran until we got near our house. But first we had to put on our Mardi Gras finery. I was rocking a Steel MagNOLA jersey plus a beautiful tutu and some beads for throwing. Mo also wore some beads for throwing.


There were maybe 15 to 20 runners at the start. It was very casual. We stood around talking and sharing beads before hand. There were about 5 Steel MagNOLAs there, including Eve, who is still training for Boston! She was doing the Endymion Run as a part of her 20 mile run that day. Beast.

And then we were off. People camp out on the neutral ground certainly the night before, some times for several nights in advance of this parade so we greeted lots of dedicated parade goers and threw them beads along our way. They were happy to see us and to catch the first of many beads. Since we never leave our area before Endymion, it was nice to see other parts of the parade route crowded.

Endymion is one of the biggest (maybe the biggest) parades of the Mardi Gras season and since it is the Saturday before Mardi Gras, it attracts lots of people from neighboring cities and parishes. The Uptown parades roll in the morning but it can be hard to catch both the Uptown parades and Endymion, which rolls through Mid City, so a lot of people do one or the other. Unless you are our family because my brother-in-law and sister-in-law ride in Tucks on Saturday morning (their float is Funky Tucks). So most of our family is Uptown for that parade and then heads to Mid City to see Endymion.


Flambeaux once provided the light for night parades by walking alongside the floats. Now they appear in groups.


Captain of Endymion


St Augustine’s Marching 100: one of the most popular local marching bands, they appear in a ton of Mardi Gras parades


Throw me something mister!

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  1. What fun! Love the festive Mardi -gras outfits! And this is a prime example of why the running community is so awesome! Thanks for sharing a great story and awesome pictures!

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