Tough Decisions

Mardi Gras was fun, don’t get me wrong. But it also warranted some serious recovery time and I was grateful to have the entire week off to get back into the swing.

Unfortunately, I did not train much during the two weeks of Mardi Gras. And then I got sick.

The result? I’m dropping out of the New Orleans 5150 Triathlon.

I am disappointed. However, I’m not ready. I’ve spent a lot of time on the trainer, but not much on the road. Gulf Coast Interstate Relay is April 4-6 and Half Ironman NOLA is April 13. Those are both team events and I feel like that is where my commitment needs to go.

I learned a couple of things.

1. I committed to too much in the spring, too many races too fast. The New Orleans Triathlon is normally at the end of May so I had that in mind, and when it got pushed up to the end of March, I didn’t think much of it. But spring for a teacher and fall for a teacher are two very different seasons.

2. I’ve also had March and April fill up with professional commitments that I didn’t see coming.  I learned I need to save major triathlon training for the fall, after I’ve had a restful summer and don’t have standardized tests looming over me. I know there are people that could train through all of this and do all three races, but I’ve reached my limit.

I am SO excited for both GCIR and Half Ironman though.

GCIR will be awesome for the experience of a relay race. I’ve been reading about relay races for a couple of years and have really wanted to do one. What sounds better than being in a van with five other sweaty friends for 48 hours and running a ton of miles? The weather should be beautiful and the company can’t be beat.

And I’ve really developed a love of swimming in the past year. I’m by no means great, but I’ve been putting in the yards and seeing some improvements. I’m a little stressed about swimming in the cold lake and I don’t want to let my relay team down. I’m on a team with a great cyclist and a great runner so I’ve got to pull my weight!

So here’s to live and learn.


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  1. Sometimes dropping is the smartest move. I’ve had to drop a couple recently due to medical issues, but need to keep eye on the prize in Chattanooga.

  2. You’ve learned some great stuff!!! Keep your chin up and keep the hard work going!!! I love swimming, too!!! That’s exciting you’ve been swimming more!!!

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